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Security / Surveillance Cameras


IR – Infrared Surveillance Camera

Cameras with infrared technology give you the ability to see in complete darkness.  These cameras are effective day and night and perfect for almost any application.  IR cameras are extremely durable and represent the industry standard.

Range: Models range from 60 – 250 ft. effective range

Resolution: Sony Effio Image Sensor produces an analog signal, 700 TV lines resolution

Colors Available: Black, Grey, or White


Megapixel IP Camera

IP or Megapixel cameras employ the most advanced technology available.  Paired with a High Resolution Monitor, IP cameras offer the clearest image and best resolution on the market.  Models  from Computar Ganz and Arecont Vision are available with: 1.3, 2, 3, and 5 Megapixels and connect via Ethernet cable (CAT5e with RJ45 connector).  Cameras are available with and without Infrared Illuminators.

Resolution: up to 1080p

Colors Available: Inquire for colors available for your own individual application


Hidden / Spy Camera

Hidden cameras are a viable option and sometimes necessary requirement for business and shared living environments.  Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.  Small camera models are available with built-in batteries and storage for portable recording, such as vehicle monitoring.


Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera

PTZ, or Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras offer the user complete 360 degree control, as well as zoom capabilities via controller or through the Internet.

Pre-programmed Auto Tours can scan back and forth or follow a customized path around your perimeter.

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