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Security System Design

Choosing the Right CCTV Security System


Gather the security system requirements by answering a few simple questions. This will help us begin to decide what type(s) of cameras will work best for you, how many cameras are required, and where they should be placed. For instance one customer may only need cameras at the entrances and exits to their property, whereas another may need multiple cameras for full coverage of the entire site including the parking lot.

Questions you should be asking yourself…

Are you looking to cover a wide area to monitor general activity?
Wide Angle - General Viewing

Wide Angle Camera Vew for General Video Surveillance

 Are you looking to capture more specific details of the situation?
Detailed Surveillance

More Detailed Activity

 Are you looking to identify the individual(s) involved?
Zoom in to Identify Individuals

Narrow Focus for Identifying Individuals

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