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Commercial Video Surveillance Installation

There are a lot of commercial video surveillance systems available on the market today. Due to the technological advances that have been made, you have more options than ever before.  To avoid purchasing a system that is too advanced or doesn’t sufficiently meet your needs, it’s best to work with a surveillance contractor to identify the system that is suited to your needs and environment.

You may need surveillance to keep track of who’s going in and out of the building, what’s taking place on premises, or to ensure that specific items or rooms are not being touched. Regardless of why you need the surveillance, you have already recognized the fact that you are in need of some form of surveillance.

Now you need to establish the commercial video surveillance systems that will provide you with what you need. This includes considering how you want the video to record, whether you want a live feed of what the cameras are recording and whether you want remote access. All of these features are available, however not all systems have all features.

The days of recording to video tape are over. Most of the newer commercial video surveillance systems record digitally.  The benefit of this is that you can record more data without running out of space.  There are no physical tapes to worry about and so back-ups are easier to have on hand for longer periods of time.  It also makes it easier and faster to replay data from a certain period of time.

You also have the option of a live feed with the surveillance systems. If you have a security control center, you can have the monitors playing the feed at all times. With the click of a button, a security officer would be able to view what’s going on wherever a camera is installed. The ability to zoom-in or pan the camera may also be made available to you.

Finally, there’s the option of remote access.  You may not be able to be on property at all times.  For this reason, you may want to log in remotely to view what’s going on within the building.  This entails logging in from a computer or a smart phone to gain access to the system.  You may also be able to choose a system that sends a text message to alert you anywhere in the world that there has been motion sensed from one of the areas where you have installed a camera.

Commercial video surveillance systems will ensure you are in control of your commercial property at all times.  You determine how many cameras you want installed and where you want them installed.  There are weatherproof cameras for the outdoors and indoor cameras that provide many unique features.

For the best results, you’ll need a security system.  Video surveillance will provide you with more data and will often deter more crime than discreetly placed cameras.  Find out what system works best for your needs by contacting an experienced surveillance contractor.