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There are many different commercial video surveillance systems available on the market today.  Due to the technological advances that have been made, you have more options than ever before, specially suited for your business environment.

Commercial Applications

Parking Lots, Outdoor and Long Range An ultra wide angle lenses with a high megapixel (5MP) camera makes a good overview image for mall parking lots. It can be used in combination with digital PTZ, fixed zoom telephoto lens, or another pan-tilt-zoom camera to zoom in on areas of interest.
License Plate Recognition Telephoto lens can be used in many license plate recognition systems. A parking lot can be monitored day and night. The IR correction at night with the proper lens can avoid a washed out picture, and yield sharp images day or night.
Office Space Use an ultra wide lens. These lenses offer greater than 90° vertical field of view in addition the ultra wide horizontal field of view to eliminate any blind spots in the room. For example, a 24’x28′ office from 9 feet above the floor can be monitored.Monitoring an area from a corner is possible with a wide angle lens. From one camera, both walls can be seen as well as >90° vertical field of view.
Lobbies /Large Common Areas Large common areas of Universities, Colleges, and Schools can be monitored with few cameras, saving on installation and maintenance costs. Ultra wide lenses can cover large areas while a telephoto can monitor in high detail door and hallway entrances.
Warehouses & Storage Facilities Large areas like warehouses can be effectively monitored with a few 5 megapixel cameras. This reduces the installation cost of installing multiple cameras with narrower fields of view and allows digital PTZ without reducing the recorded field of view of the camera. Cameras can be mounted from 20 feet above the floor, using the widest angle lens.
Retail POS / Point of Sale For point of sale monitoring, overhead cameras can be mounted from 8′ ceilings viewing one or more checkout stands at retail stores. From this low ceiling, multiple check stands can be monitored. The camera could be mounted above the check stands or in front of the cashier. For grocery stores with cameras in both locations, the cashier, customer, and bagger in multiple lanes can be monitored.Many aisles in a retail store can be monitored simultaneously, reducing the visible presence of video cameras and reducing the anxiety of customers who don’t like to see too many video cameras.
Taxi, Train, Bus Platforms Train and bus platform entrances can be monitored in a controlled access platform from a single camera so security personnel can capture images of passengers entering and exiting the platform. A wide angle lenses make good overview images and can be used in addition to a fixed telephoto, digital PTZ software allowing up to 16X zoom, or a dedicated PTZ camera.

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