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Wireless Video Transmitter – Receiver For Video Security Cameras

When you can’t run video cable from your cameras to your digital video recorder why not use a wireless video transmitter/receiver? When installing a video security camera system sometimes you will have to span a driveway, parking lot or view a front gate down the hill from your house. So instead of trenching or concrete cutting, a wireless video transmitter and receiver takes the place of cable to send the video signal from the camera to your DVR and monitor. Wireless video transmitters and receivers, with line of sight, can transmit up to 1000′. Call M&J Video and we will design your video security camera system using video cable or wireless transmitters/receivers when needed. M&J Video has done video security camera installations with wireless video transmitters and receivers all over Southern California including Chatsworth , Northridge , Mission Hills , Granada Hills , Canoga Park , Valencia and Santa Clarita. Call M&J Video for a free quote and we will tell you all about VIDEO TRANSMITTERS AND RECEIVERS!

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