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CCTV Security Cameras and Installations Dictionary

CCTV Dictionary

(ALC) Autmoatic Light Compensation -

The Cameras Built in ability to compensate for changes in scene lighting.

Aperture -

The opening in a lens that allows available light to enter the camera.

(AWB) Auto White Balance -

Circuitry in a color camera that allows It to yield perfect color pictures in different types of lighting.

(AGC) Automatic Gain Control -

Circuitry in a camera that allows it to improve performance in low light conditions.

(AI) Auto Iris Lens -

Type of lens where the aperture physically opens and closes to adjust the amount of light entering the camera, Not required on cameras with electronic shutter systems.

(BLC) Black Light Compensation -

Ability of a camera to balance the lighting in a scene with an extremely bright background such as sunlight.

Balun -

An Impedence matching device that allows you to send video signals over UTP more commonly understood as the ability to run analog camera signals over Cat5e or Ethernet Cable.


Short for British Naval Connection represent the standard video connector used in analog security camera systems

C/CS Mount Lenses -

Standard CCTV box camera mounting.


Device inside of a camera that ‘takes the picture and converts it to Electronic signals.

Coaxial Cable -

Normally RG-59 or RG-6 in CCTV systems this cable has a copper center conductor and copper shield

Day / Night Camera -

A Camera that displays color pictures in good lighting conditions, and automatically adjusts iris in low light conditions.

Depth of Field -

The portion of a video picture that is in focus.

(DVR) Digital Video Recorder -

A device that compresses and records video signals onto built in Hard Disk Drives see.

Field of View -

Area Covered by the camera not in center focus.

Focal Length -

The rated coverage of the lens in mm. Smaller numbers give a wider angle of coverage.

Ground Loop -

When the camera and monitor are powered from sources using different grounds with different ground potentials. If a path for current flow (other than the coax) exists, ground loops are possible. Solution: Install a ground loop corrector or power all camera from the same source as the monitor.

(HDD) Hard Disk Drive -

Memory unit that stores saved video recordings, sizes in Terabytes or Tb.

IP Address –

A String of numbers that identiffies a camera or DVR on a network, example

Iris -

Opens and closes to determine how much light to be let pass through the lens.

LCD Monitor -

Flat screen monitor used to view cameras in High Resolution.

Looping -

The ability to split your video signal into multiple outputs for multiple viewing locations.

Multiplexer -

Takes multiple cameras (Up to 16) and displays them on a single input or screen for viewing / recording.


Network Video Recorder, used to record and view IP and Mega pixel systems

Quad Splitter -

Combines 4 cameras onto one screen for viewing / recording.

Resolution -

Measure of a cameras ability to reproduce details, measured in pixels or tv lines.

Sequential Switcher -

Displays cameras, one at a time on a monitor and scans through the cameras at a customizable length of time per shot.

Telephoto -

When a lens can see a long distance with great detail.

Varifocal Lens -

A lens that can be set for various focal lengths to achieve optimal coverage.

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Wireless Video Transmitter – Receiver For Video Security Cameras

When you can’t run video cable from your cameras to your digital video recorder why not use a wireless video transmitter/receiver? When installing a video security camera system sometimes you will have to span a driveway, parking lot or view a front gate down the hill from your house. So instead of trenching or concrete cutting, a wireless video transmitter and receiver takes the place of cable to send the video signal from the camera to your DVR and monitor. Wireless video transmitters and receivers, with line of sight, can transmit up to 1000′. Call M&J Video and we will design your video security camera system using video cable or wireless transmitters/receivers when needed. M&J Video has done video security camera installations with wireless video transmitters and receivers all over Southern California including Chatsworth , Northridge , Mission Hills , Granada Hills , Canoga Park , Valencia and Santa Clarita. Call M&J Video for a free quote and we will tell you all about VIDEO TRANSMITTERS AND RECEIVERS!

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IP Megapixel Security Cameras In 1080p HIGH DEFINITION

M&J Video recently finished installing an  IP security camera system for a homeowner in Woodland Hills. IP bullet cameras with 2 mega pixels and 1080p resolution are the latest technological advancement in the video security camera industry. IP cameras, also known as mega pixel cameras record to a Network Video Recorder. NVR’s record and playback 1080p video for crystal clear pictures that can read a license plate at 50 feet. IP security cameras are also available with infrared lighting for viewing in up to complete darkness. IP security camera systems can be connected to any existing DSL modem, router, or Server for Internet viewing. Compatible with Iphone – Android – Ipad – Tablet, Mac and PC.  IP security cameras  are now the standard of the Industry. If you are looking for an IP or Mega Pixel security camera system for your home or office in the San Fernando Valley call M&J Video for a free quote at 800-404-8433. We do IP Security Camera Installations in Woodland Hills, Tarzana, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City and North Hollywood. M&J Video specializes in IP and Mega Pixel Security Camera Installations.

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