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Intercom Access Control & Telephone Entry

Are you getting enough out of your Intercom Door / Gate Entry and Access Control Systems?

M & J Video are your personal experts for Telephone Entry, Intercom, Access Control and virtually all of your security and network integration needs.  With new Intercom and multi-door control units you can now control up to 24 doors in addition to your front or main entry, and conveniently monitor and program them from your computer.  Telephone Entry, Intercoms and Access Control systems can be configured to control any door such as laundry rooms, and gyms.  They can also be configured to control gates such as pool gates and basketball court gates. Entry Systems can also be configured to control motorized gates such as parking lot gates.  All controlled entry points can be installed with multiple entry options from customized passwords and keypads to digital card readers and programmable wireless key fobs.  Easy to use desktop software allows you to make changes to your system in real time by adding new cards and passwords instantly as well as restricting or blocking access to a card or password.  The software also allows you to set door open and close schedules for instance automatically locking a pool gate after hours and unlocking the next morning.

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