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Choosing The Proper CCTV Lens Can Be Crucial

When buying a video security camera system it is very important to choose the right CCTV lens. The focal length of the camera lens should be one of the first things you consider. The lens can cover areas from 90 degrees,to view wide areas, all the way down to 15 degrees to read license plate. People often make the mistake of using one CCTV camera to cover a large area such as a parking lot. But to see real detail you need to use multiple security cameras with a mixture of wide and tight angle CCTV lens.
With a vari-focal lens the focal length can be adjusted and locked in to give you the proper view of your property. CCTV cameras mounted over a door should have a tighter lens to identify people, while cameras mounted in a room should have a wider CCTV lens for general viewing. Call M&J Video for a free security camera quote.M&J Video will take the guess work out of your security camera installation.We sell and install infrared CCTV cameras,DVR’s, monitors ¬†and our security camera installations are clean and professional. We service all areas of Southern California including the Inland Empire ,San Bernardino , Riverside , Chino Hills and Redlands.